Dennington Games

Dennington Games was the group name used from 2002-2006 by Ruby-Jane Dennington and Paul Dennington to develop video games. It was set up when Ruby discovered Game Maker 4.2.

The first significant Game Maker project made by Ruby was a small, simple game called Hit the Ballz, which was based on the "Hit the ball" example provided with Game Maker 4, and involved clicking bouncing balls using the mouse. While making Hit the Ballz, she showed Game Maker to her brother Paul. Together they formed Dennington Games and began to make prototypes for several possible projects.

The group was notable for making many small game prototypes as they learned the ropes of video game production. Prototypes which were created include "Mafia Mob", "UFO", a PC remake of a calculator game called "Exo", a sequel to Hit the Ballz called "Hit the Ballz 2", a vertical shooter game called "X" based on Nintendo's Super Strike Gunner, a side-scrolling game featuring a character called "Mack", and another vertical shooter called "Supernova".

The released games during this time were Chopper (published in 2003 by Farsight Productions) and Dude: The Robot (released in 2004).

After the launch of in 2005 (then known as the RJD Community Forums) the Dennington Games moniker was dropped and ceased to be used, being replaced with RJD Online Software Development.