Paul Dennington

Paul Dennington (Paulicus25) is Ruby-Jane Dennington's older brother and a long-standing member of the Ginever Entertainment staff. His earliest Ginever-related work was the Chopper video game which he created in 2003. In recent years, he has officially been in charge of game design for Intryon and has helped provide feedback and level design work during the development of The Game of Inevitable Frustration HD remaster. Prior to joining the design staff, he worked on pixel art, most recently as part of the Robbit mod pack.

Personal life

Paul is well known for being a somewhat silly individual who is prone to making dumb mistakes. This has led to "FOR GOD SAKES PAUL!" becoming a well known internal joke. The original occurrence of this was in a game of Age of Empires III played in January 2015, where he selected the wrong game mode and caused the AI to win via trade monopoly victory[1]. His spelling is also atrocious, and his typing suffers from a large number of typos.

Paul is often considered one of the best people to play games with, and his presence is often essential to livening up Gam Night.


In addition to helping out at Ginever Entertainment, Paul works for Kloepping TSS helping to manufacture and install German style staircases.


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