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Chopper is a small arcade-like side scrolling helicopter shooting game made in 2003 by Dennington Games for computers running Windows 95 or later. It was originally made with Game Maker 4 by Paul Dennington and is notable for being the first video game that he ever worked on, as well as being the oldest known Ginever-related project still available to download. It is also notable for being the first project to use the 'Ginever' name.


A screenshot of Chopper

Developer Dennington Games
Publisher Farsight Productions (1.0)
The Ginever (1.01)
Type 2D side-scrolling shooter
Platform Microsoft Windows
Released 2003
Latest version   Version 1.01 (2008)
Made with Game Maker
License Ginever Community License
Support status Discontinued

Chopper was published on a Farsight Productions demo disc in 2003, followed by the release of a slightly updated version which was published by The Ginever in 2008.

This is a legacy project and is not officially supported or distributed by Ginever Entertainment.


The game introduces the player to a small green helicopter, and gives the player the objective of reaching and destroying a stealth carrier owned by the Ginever Institution of Terrorism (GIT). Along the way, the player must shoot down enemy planes which are similar in appearance but different in colour. The player can move his helicopter using the arrow keys and fire by pressing CTRL. One bullet will destroy enemy helicopters on impact. The game is split into many levels that the player can progress through, and as they do they will encounter new enemies that are capable of moving, flying faster or firing back, and enemy helicopters will come more rapidly.


The original version suffered from a 'ghost plane' bug where dead planes would reappear for a very small amount of time on the left hand side of the screen before the game engine recycled them. Standing too far to the left would often result in you losing a life as you collided with the dead planes. It also featured a bug where levels would not progress if a key was being held down. Both bugs were fixed in the re-release.


Chopper was re-released in 2008 as "Chopper v1.01", once again for the Windows platform, but XP or newer. The primary purpose of re-releasing the game was to make it compatible with Windows Vista, which the game lacked support for. The re-release also fixed critical bugs such as the 'ghost plane' bug and 'level progression' bug, replaced the level 2 music 'Popcorn' with a higher quality version (for the original release, Paul had recorded the music from a cassette player), and changed the game to run in windowed mode rather than full-screen.

For a time, the re-release was available to download from

Cheat codes

The game features a number of cheat functions as follows:

  • Press F12 during level 1 to access the Secret Level, where you start with 99 lives and play until you have lost all of your lives.
  • Press Backspace during level 1 to skip immediately to the Boss Level.
  • Press and hold Z during the Boss Level to rapidly inflate your score.

Additional cheats existed during development, but they were removed prior to the final release.

Use of the name 'Ginever'

Those who played Chopper after it was re-released noticed that the terrorist group was called the 'Ginever Institution of Terrorism', and that the new publisher of the game was called 'The Ginever Block'. This is primarily down to the fact that both were named after the real-life Ginever Block located at S. Peter's Collegiate School in Wolverhampton.

Future developments

After the release of Chopper, Paul proceeded to work on other games in a similar style. For miscellaneous reasons, these were never finished, and many did not get past early alpha stage.