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GineverLauncher is a software launcher developed by The Ginever Alliance which allows you to install, update and run software that has been built using GinENGINE. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The public beta version was made available in September 2015 to coincide with the release of GinENGINE version 0.1 and the first stable release was made available in February 2016.


A screenshot of GineverLauncher

Developer The Ginever Alliance
Type Software launcher
Platform Windows, Mac & Linux
Initial release September 2015
Latest version   3.1.0
Written in JavaFX 8
License Ginever Community License
Support status Extended support

Due to GinENGINE being largely retired by Ginever Entertainment, the GineverLauncher is considered a legacy project and is currently in an extended support state.

Development and features

The launcher is built using JavaFX 8.

On Windows, it is kept updated using a standalone bootstrap which installs its own version of Java. On Mac and Linux, the download comes in the form of a jar-based bootstrap which requires Java 8u40 or later already installed in order to run. In both cases, the bootstrap is responsible for keeping the launcher up-to-date.

The following software can be installed using the GineverLauncher (assuming the user has the relevant permissions):

As a form of future-proofing, the launcher also recognizes the Game of Inevitable Frustration, Ginopoly and Intryon as valid software titles. At the time of the launcher's release, those titles were intended to be developed using GinENGINE. However, Ginopoly has since been published for Tabletop Simulator, and both GIF and Intryon are being developed using Unity. Since future Ginever titles are also likely to be developed using Unity, the GinENGINE is unlikely to see future use past those titles already available in the launcher.

The GineverLauncher was originally developed with the intention to fork it into a new version of the Robbit Launcher (then known as Asterion Launcher 2) once it became mature enough. Consequently, the version numbers start at 3.x rather than 1.x. This fork eventually occurred in June 2016 with the release of Robbit Launcher 3.