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Ginever Entertainment is a commercial business venture headquartered in the United Kingdom (with some staff from the United States) which develops video games and other forms of entertainment. It is the second organization to have been launched under the Ginever brand and the official successor to The Ginever Alliance.

The most famous Ginever Entertainment project is probably The Game of Inevitable Frustration, a 2D frustration platformer built in Unity.


Ginever Entertainment was officially formed in January 2017 by Robert James Dennington (Tinytimrob) and Trevor Sparks (Medessec) with the objective of developing commercial video game projects under the Ginever brand.

Prior to the formation of Ginever Entertainment, the Ginever brand was managed by the Ginever Alliance, a non-profit alliance between the administrators of The Ginever which was founded by Dennington and Sparks in November 2009. The main objective of the alliance was to provide a community space where people could play, develop and share video games. This culminated in several successful projects, most notably the Robbit mod pack for Minecraft. However, operating the alliance as a non-profit venture proved to be very expensive, as the donations received from players very rarely met the operating costs of the alliance. It was eventually decided to close down the service at the end of 2016.

A subsequent review of Ginever at the start of 2017 looked into making it more financially sustainable. This led to the creation of Ginever Entertainment, a new commercial business venture under the Ginever brand.

At the time of the formation of Ginever Entertainment, it took up the mantle of running Ginever and managing the brand, inheriting the legacy of the Ginever Alliance and its predecessors in the process. This allowed Ginever Entertainment to subsequently reopen many services which the Ginever Alliance had previously operated and which were closed by the shutdown of the alliance, although most services received changes to cut down on the operating expenses prior to being reopened.

Organizational structure

Ginever Entertainment is primarily operated as an unincorporated (voluntary) association. Since this association structure prevents the organization from entering into legal contracts, the commercial aspects of Ginever Entertainment are managed as a sole trading business of the association's director Robert James Dennington. In order to facilitate this arrangement, developers enter into a project contributor agreement (PCA) which transfers the intellectual property rights of Ginever Entertainment projects into the sole trading business. This creates a somewhat peculiar arrangement whereby Ginever Entertainment is simultaneously an association and a trading name.

In its prior incarnation as The Ginever Alliance, the membership of the association essentially consisted of all registered active users, and annual general meetings were held to discuss future strategy. This changed upon the formation of Ginever Entertainment, which now restricts association membership to project contributors, and holds weekly meetings instead of annual ones. This is considered more appropriate for the new business strategy, which is now focused on commercial games development rather than non-profit modding. It is also essentially the key difference between The Ginever Alliance and Ginever Entertainment.

Developers and Staff

The following people are on the staff or help to develop projects:



Game Design

Sound & Music

Social Media Management

Notable contributors

The following people have helped contribute to Ginever Entertainment projects:

Game Design

Sound & Music

Active projects

The main active project at this time is The Game of Inevitable Frustration.

Future projects

In the future, work is likely to start on Ginever TD. It is possible that work on Intryon will also be resumed.