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Ginever Island

A Photoshop developed concept of the Ginever Island, with topography

Ginever Island is a fictional island which previously appeared as a cameo in some very old Ginever projects. It is essentially the fictional "residential retreat" of the Ginever staff.

Ginever Island is generally portrayed as a small, remote island with a cool but sunny climate, and having a very diverse topography, or terrain. In most appearances, the island is inhabited by civilized humans, and in some titles, technologically advanced humans.



Ginever Island serves as the main setting of MedMadness. The story revolves around its inhabitants, labelled prominently by its governing body, the Ginever Regime. The party is apparently politically stable, and the people are technologically advanced, fending off an amphibious invasion of the Chronocide, a primitive, tribal group with the goal of eliminating the people and taking the island.

The island is not described or seen in detail, but most of the campaign levels display several different types of terrain and landform, as well as a heavily industrialized city. Most of the multiplayer maps also are set on the island, but some are unclear as to if they actually are on the island, one being set in an arid desert, implying the island is much bigger than suggested.

Pokémon Crimson

The island was slated to appear in Pokémon Crimson as an exclusive bonus region. It was seen as slightly larger in scale than in MedMadness, and being less industrialized and more forested.

Several small cities and towns are on the island, and administrators and notable members were slated to appear on the island in the game. The island was likely going to be mostly only for exploration, possibly the site of a couple of rare Pokémon as well as a couple of easter-egg quests and events.

World of Warcraft

The clan previously had a private World of Warcraft server. The server featured a very small island called Ginever Island, which was a modded version of GM Island that served as a guild base. Other than the name, it is unrelated to the versions which appear in MedMadness and Pokémon Crimson.