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Ginever Multiverse

The Ginever Multiverse is a blanket term which pretty much embodies any and all fictional worlds, universes, environments, settings, entities, stories and characters into one realm of multiverse. Many different planned Ginever Entertainment titles and media, written fiction, technical and speculative, all reside within it one way or another. It's really meant to signify anything fictional or surreal depicted in Ginever Entertainment media or video game titles.


There are yet to be any significant locations, continents, bodies of land or even a world or planet with a name that could be described as a part of the Ginever Multiverse. However, from certain games and media, it would be very likely similar in basic makeup, appearance and environment to Earth. There is only one significantly acknowledged primary area of land that is part of the known Ginever Multiverse: Ginever Island.

List of Areas

  • Ginever Island - Ginever Island is a remote island, varying in size from it's different appearances in media but for the most part appearing to be quite scalar, very large and having numerous different types of terrain and landscapes. In the concept media for Pokemon Crimson, the island was shown having numerous towns as well as a large city on it, with forests, to mountainous and snowy terrain, and desert. The island is a sanctuary for some prominent members, who have residences in some of the towns and cities.
  • Azurian Galaxy - The Azurian Galaxy is the primary setting of the Intryon collectible card game. Not much is known about this galaxy yet.