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Intryon (IN-tree-on), also known as Intryon Battle Cards, is the name of a sci-fi themed collectible card game which has been announced by Ginever Entertainment. In terms of gameplay complexity, the Intryon card game is designed to be more complex than Hearthstone, but less complex than Magic: the Gathering.

The card game project dates back as far as 2015, although the game has not yet moved past the prototyping stage. Despite having gone through extensive early core development, it was determined at the end of 2016 that Ginever did not possess enough resources to properly develop the game, so it has been placed on hold until there is more funding and community support available. For this reason Intryon is not considered cancelled, merely postponed. (In the event of the business becoming decently successful it is very likely the project will be picked back up.)

The sci-fi theme of Intryon was chosen because almost all of the major card games (as well as most new ones) seem to be based on a fantasy theme. Those which follow a sci-fi theme tend to be franchised from TV series and subsequently only appeal and make sense to people who have watched the applicable show.

As a name, Intryon is designed to sound sci-fi-ey, but otherwise is essentially made up. It was approved as the project name due to being short, easy to pronounce, and there being no matching search results on Google for anything else noteworthy.


The setting of Intryon is the fictional Azurian Galaxy which is loosely based on Messier 101. Four different factions of intelligent life inhabit the galaxy (the Valadians, the Eresat, the Mirali and the Morta) and are fighting fiercely for dominance of the system.


The core gameplay was mainly designed by Robert James Dennington. The cards themselves are mainly designed by Paul Dennington. Both of them have experience playing other collectible card games, and Paul was an avid Magic: the Gathering fan while at university.

Players engage in one-on-one battles against other players, choosing one of the four factions and a matching deck of cards to play in a turn-based card battle. Each faction has a different play style within the game, which makes the gameplay experience notably different for each faction (e.g. a Valadians vs Morta game would turn out much differently from an Eresat vs Mirali game).

Future use of the universe

As a unique piece of Ginever intellectual property with very a diverse set of expansion options available, it is extremely likely that other games set in the Intryon universe will eventually be made.