Ruby-Jane Dennington

Ruby-Jane Dennington (Theleruby, normally just shortened to Ruby) is one of the founders of Ginever Entertainment and the original founder of She currently serves as the Executive Director and Lead Programmer. She is also responsible for most technical and administrative work within the organization, and is generally seen as being in charge.

Initial founding

Ruby's involvement with the service as it currently stands started with her creating the RJD Community Forums (later known as on 14 October 2005. Those forums eventually led to the formation of The Ginever Alliance in November 2009, followed by the founding of Ginever Entertainment in January 2017. Because of this, she has been involved with the organization from day one and is widely recognized throughout the community as the original founder and leader of Ginever.

Prior to creating the forums, she previously operated Dennington Games with her brother Paul, along with a website called RJDSoft which she ran with help from Tashon Palmer dating all the way back to 2001. Some early projects from this period such as Chopper (2003) were subsequently inherited by The Ginever Alliance upon its creation. Because of this, it could be disputed that the roots of the organization date back as far as 2001.


Over the history of the organization, her responsibilities have been numerous and varied. She has led the development of many projects within the organization throughout its lifetime, and has been chiefly responsible for determining both the direction and the primary objectives of the community as a whole.

Since the formation of The Ginever Alliance and its successor Ginever Entertainment, she has primarily worked on programming, both for video game projects such as The Game of Inevitable Frustration and for utilities such as GinENGINE and the GineverLauncher. She also continues in her administrative role over the websites and public services.


The username Theleruby comes from merging together the World of Warcraft character Thelethil with her name, Ruby. This username has been in use since early 2020 and is pronounced like Thel-e-Ruby or Thella-Ruby. Her name is often nicknamed or shortened to Roob or Rubes or any similar common variant of Ruby. It can also be nicknamed to Thel or Thelly, which was common while she played World of Warcraft.

Prior to 2020, she went by the user handle Tinytimrob, which came from merging together Tiny Tim (a computer she owned in 2006) and Rob (her assigned name at birth). This was often shortened to TTR and often caused her to be misnamed as Tim since Tim was earlier in the username. Since changing her username this has ceased being an issue.

Work experience

Ruby went to S. Peter's Collegiate School in Wolverhampton between 2003-2010, followed by studying Computer Games Programming at Teesside University between 2010-2014 where she graduated with first class honours.

In addition to working at Ginever Entertainment, she previously worked in the SQA department at Imagination Technologies, firstly as a placement student between 2012-2013 and then later as a graduate software and test engineer between 2014-2018. During her time there she was responsible for developing test suites for PowerVR graphics chips and camera image signal processors along with helping to run tests on the Rogue DDK driver for Android. Since the end of 2019 she works for a small company developing gambling machines and software.

Personal life

Ruby currently lives in Wolverhampton with her parents. She has also previously lived in Middlesbrough (while at university) and Hemel Hempstead (while working for Imagination).

She is known to suffer from wild hormone fluctuations caused by faulty adrenal glands, which often causes emotional turbulence, presenting with similar features to cyclothymia or borderline personality disorder. This can make life very interesting. She also suffers from gender dysphoria, due to being incorrectly assigned male at birth. Since March 2020, these issues are finally being treated in parallel via hormone replacement therapy.

She is also generally shown to prefer people with strange or unusual qualities and/or to exhibit those qualities herself. For example, her best friend has aspergers. She has previously dated another transgender girl. She has experimented with polyphasic sleeping several times. Her preferred keyboard layout is Dvorak. Like many other people in the tech industry, she has also experimented with powdered and liquid foods, and continues to intermittently drink Huel instead of eating lunch.

Politically, she has centre-left viewpoints. She is a member of the UK Labour Party, a former supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, and voted for remain in the Brexit referendum. She participated in an online protest against SOPA in 2012 and favoured Bernie Sanders in the 2016 US election. Her viewpoints generally contrast with those of her father, a former Carillion accountant who is a staunch conservative, who previously threatened to disown Ruby for her choice of partner, and who struggles to accept her gender. The conflict of views between her and her wider family have consequently led to a strained relationship with them in recent years.

She is known to dislike the acronym 'MOBA', preferring to describe those games as 'Action-RTS' games.

She is an avid watcher of the Eurovision Song Contest. Her favourite contest in recent years was in 2012. She found the cancellation of the contest in 2020 to be hugely disappointing.