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The Squeal Show

The Squeal Show was a puppet show broadcast as a series of short videos on YouTube. The show was produced by Martin Commins and uploaded to the Legend Killer Productions YouTube channel.

The idea for the show was originally conceived in mid-2007. A pilot series consisting of six episodes started in December 2007, but for miscellaneous reasons was never completed and only five episodes were eventually broadcast. Because of the lack of real planning and scripting, the episodes usually end up as a bunch of random, spur of the moment silliness.


Main Characters

  • Squeal, the Extortionate London Plague Rat
    Introduced: Episode 1
  • John, from the BBC
    Introduced: Episode 4
  • The Mitt Brothers, Matty and Mickey Mitt
    Introduced: Episode 4
  • Krunk
    Introduced: Episode 5

Supporting Characters

  • Basil Brush
    Episode 1 only


Pilot Series (2007/2008)

The original plan was to produce six pilot episodes of The Squeal Show. In the end, only five were produced, with the remaining production time being used to create two short sketches rather than a full episode. Pilot episodes were generally in 2 parts and lasted from 10-15 minutes each.

Episode 1 (Debut)
Introduces Squeal as a main character. The episode also features Basil Brush, who frequently uses his "BOOM BOOM" catchphrase. During this episode, Squeal temporarily becomes "Doctor Squeal" and demonstrates his Sonic Screwdriver, which turns out to be broken. Squeal and Basil then dance badly to "Mahna Mahna" and the Basil Brush song "It's Christmas Time".

Episode 2
This episode furthers the development of Squeal's character and features more singing. Phoebe Biddulph helped with filming.

Episode 3
Squeal goes on a paper round for the Co-operative store in Pendeford. He also announces "Squeal or No Squeal", showing several pictures and asking viewers to guess where Squeal is hiding.

Episode 4
This episode starts off with Squeal showing off a new tropical-style set and singing "Under the Sea". It then introduces John and the Mitt Brothers. Finally, Squeal attempts to read out the results of Squeal or No Squeal from the previous episode, but is interrupted several times by the music from the Channel 4 TV series Countdown, to which John and the Mitt Brothers ask Squeal to answer "The Question" within 20 seconds. Squeal is unable to answer the question, to which he is bluntly told "Sorry, you have failed", "Sorry, that's not correct", and so forth. Eventually Squeal reveals that the winner of Squeal or No Squeal was in fact Squeal himself, and the episode then ends. (A clip of this segment can be found here:

Ginever Block Toolbar Sketch
This was a short sketch created to advertise The Ginever Block Toolbar for a competition. Squeal tells John about the Ginever Block Toolbar.

Christmas Special: The 12 Days of Christmas
Squeal and John sing a modified version of the 12 Days of Christmas, featuring lines such as "A Plague Rat in a Pear Tree".

Episode 5
This was the final pilot episode produced. It starts off with Squeal not being prepared for the show. The Mitt Brothers turn up instead, complaining that they don't get enough limelight time and suggesting that there should be a Mitt Brothers Show. Squeal gets rid of them. John then arrives, and takes the opportunity to talk about his former life as an MP. Squeal also shoos him away, before finally arriving to introduce the show properly and read out some of his fan mail. Amongst this fan mail is a particularly famous request from Rhys Lee, who asks Squeal to read out the letter Q. Squeal states that this is a waste of time. Robert Dennington also has a letter read out, asking what "The Question" was - Squeal responds by saying that he never found out. The cast of The Squeal Show then badly attempt to re-enact a scene from Star Wars. Finally, Squeal greets his closest fans, before introducing a new character, Krunk, and ending the show.

Special (2011)

After the conclusion of the pilot series it was planned to improve the quality of the show, with a newly designed introduction, and making use of green-screen technology for the first time. The Mitt Brothers puppets were also replaced with more realistic ones.

In the interim, a Christmas special was produced in 2011.

Christmas Special: A Very Squeal Christmas
One of the Mitt Brothers gets too excited and opens all of the Christmas presents early, even those not meant for him. Squeal gets fed up of the Mitt Brothers' incompetence and fires them. There were once plans to continue this episode into a 2 part story, although this never happened.


The show was eventually cancelled and most of the puppets were sold or thrown out.