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Trevor Sparks

Photograph of Trevor Sparks on a San Francisco Trip

Trevor Sparks (Medessec) is one of the founders of Ginever Entertainment, where he serves as the Deputy Executive Director and Lead Artist.

Trevor registered on the forums, then called The Ginever Block, on 25 July 2008. He was led to join the site as a result of his friendship with Kian Bradley. Since then, he has been greatly involved with the community and has assumed a great amount of responsibility in shaping Ginever Entertainment to the present day. Located in California, his usual duties generally involve administrative assistance, interaction with American/US users, and overlooking gaming, network, and development services in Robert Dennington's off-time where applicable.

History with Ginever

After initially joining the original The Ginever Block community forum in 2008, Trevor mostly participated in a limited fashion, merely taking a keen interest in the activity and company on the forums. Not long afterwards the apparent common interest in video games and games development with other members began to result in more close, tied communication and eventually coordination on several small projects, Pokemon Crimson, GineverMaul, and the original The Game of Inevitable Frustration being the most notable. After socializing on only the forums, Trevor eventually started talking on WLM and Skype on a regular basis, getting to know Robert and the others better, and playing video games such as Warcraft III and Worms: Armageddon regularly with them over VoIP.

The community eventually started to envelop around Asterion Minecraft, a dedicated Minecraft server initially started by Trevor and Kian. Trevor took up being an Administrator of the server to help manage it, and eventually became appointed as the "builder", or "designer" of the parts of the Minecraft world that formed part of the experience for new players. After the server was placed on public listings, Trevor's administrative duties became generally much more serious- due to the difference in time zones from Robert's active time, he was responsible for uptime and helping players in Rob's off-time. Combined with the valuable contributions on the front of level design, layout design, and visual design by building the worlds and designing the multiworld layout in an MMO-esque fashion- Medessec's skills as an administrative and responsible member were realized.

After the Minecraft operations were softened and put on indefinite hold, with the intention that the community would focus on real games development instead of a lucrative future in Minecraft, Medessec had cemented a position as an integral co-admin and valuable business partner, bent on the ultimate final ambition of the leadership to realize the dream of delivering exciting online gaming experiences to the general audience. Several pitfalls and episodes have plundered and elevated that goal since deviating from Minecraft as a primary focus, with Trevor playing a huge part in stringing everything together.

Trevor, since the Minecraft server's operations, has identified himself as the Chief Artist, Deputy Executive Director, and Co-Administrator of Ginever Entertainment. He is in charge of any artistic application and directive that the online services or games development requires, which mostly means he's the sole artist and artistic consultant.


Medessec is Trevor's internet alias and pseudonym. He uses it anywhere it can realistically apply, in third-party gaming services, social platforms, and even in art repository websites. So used because it has no real root meaning or origin other than being a completely made up word - it is definitively unique. Being 8 characters long, it usually works well as a Gamer Tag, and is relatively easy to pronounce. Phonetic: "Meh-deh-seck". Friends and fellow members have shortened the name to "Med".

The tag itself, although really just a nickname, has been built upon with an aesthetic and visual style that reflects Trevor's own artistic flair. A logo is often used featuring a stylized "M", and the full tag spelled out: "Medessec" is usually done graphically with an all upper-case or uniform case, and often uses bolded, imposing and machined-looking typefaces.

Work Experience

Trevor was a member of the Elk Grove High School Class of 2012, where he completed his High School Education.

Trevor has also held several other occupations varying from customer service to technical and artistic duties. Recorded employment history includes; a Cashier/Runner at Raley Field working for Ovations Food Services in Sacramento, CA in Summer of 2012, a door-to-door salesman for Official Pest Prevention in Summer of 2014, a Graphics Design Intern at CAVE (Community Action Volunteers in Education) in Chico, CA and a 3D Modeling Intern at Theia Interactive.

He spent 5 years at CSU Chico originally pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, but after the first year transitioned to a degree in what was then called Applied Computer Graphics, now called Computer Animation and Games Design. His degree is exactly: Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation and Game Development with an option in Animation Production.

During his college education and other occupations, Trevor has also pursued multiple other endeavors including freelance graphics design, computer assistance, system building, and computer/laptop repair and refurbishment with online sales.

Trevor has attained a wild variety of skills and experience including customer service, diagnosing and repairing electronics and computers- even setting up things like audio and theater equipment, leadership and management skills, organizational skills and clerical/office workplace experience. Trevor prides himself mostly on having a hands-on, heavily involved and initiating attitude about a lot of the projects and duties he undertakes, and acting with a considerable problem-solving and outside-the-box thinking approach. He generally finds himself taking the initiative where others fail to make quick decisions, and being attentive and observant even under pressure.

Personal Life

Trevor currently lives in Sacramento in a shared residence situation. His employment at Worldwide Flight Services is his income and logistic occupation, while Ginever Entertainment is his social and hobbyist occupation. He is the eldest child of two.

Most of his upbringing has been in the Sacramento region. His experiences put him squarely in the stereotypical realm of secluded and quiet youth, preferring less social interaction and more interaction with computers and video games. Socially- Trevor can be quite reserved and inept but his college education and work experience have brought him to be an assertive, resourceful, and communicative person.

Trevor has an extreme passion for science fiction, futurism, human history and history of technology. It's also extremely evident that there is an underlying passion for car culture, astronomy, and statistics. His passion for video games and 3D art often parallels all these things.